Tuesday, December 4, 2007

If You Believe

It's that time of year!
The winter wind chills your cheeks, the sounds of bells ring in front of each store, and people are rushing to and fro to find the perfect gift.
It's difficult to find a "PERFECT GIFT" for or a friend or family member, but I'm reminded at this time of the year that there are "perfect gifts" all around us.
True joy is not found in the latest gadgets, clothes, or cars; the greatest gifts are the people around us everyday and the MIRACLES waiting to happen if we stop and look for them!

I posted a NEW PODCAST on the right column that I hope you will LISTEN to. We need to REMEMBER that life is not just a series of events, but a miraculous tapestry of COLORS woven together to bring WARMTH to the lives of OTHERS.


Evita said...

Your nephew is soooooo CUTEEEE O I could carry him on my hip and kiss him....

Thepit said...

Saw your blog while i was searching for somthing intresting to read. good qoute people never relize how much they need other people, from friends and family to complete strangers.